Teaching Women’s Rights
From Past to Present

Below are a variety of resources to explore women's rights in a wide range of viewpoints, cultures, and eras. Particular attention is drawn to the times when the denial of women's rights was challenged and how the definition or rights has been expanded.



“Nature Made Two Divisions” - Traditional Beliefs in Global Perspective
Married Women’s Property Rights
Women’s Rights: Ancient Egypt and the United States
Female Fury in the Roman Forum
Women and Confucianism: Exploring Neo-Confucian Sayings
The Laws of Manu: Primary Source Lesson
Mary Wollstonecraft Debates Jean-Jacque Rousseau, 1791
“The Wife is Obliged,” Napoleonic Code, 1800-20
English Laws for Women and Letter to Queen Victoria, Caroline Norton, England, 1854-55
Debating Conflicting Rights, United States 1867-69
“Women in Every Country” - The First International Congress of Women’s Rights - Paris, 1878
Three Transforming Persian Poets: Padishah Khatun, Tahirih, Fough Farroktzad
The Meiji Reforms and Kishida Toshiko
Women’s Suffrage - When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome
Lecture, Malik Hefni Nassef, Egypt, 1909
“Purchase Marriage is Not Allowed,” Li Kuei-ying, China, 1960


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NEW!  Women’s Rights: From Past to Present:
47 primary source lessons from ancient codes to today’s human rights issues.

I Will Not Bow My Head:
Primary source lesson featuring the lives of politicial women.

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