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Created by the San Francisco Bay Area Girls’ Education Network

Spiralbound, 54 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
© 1995

Do you believe that access and equity to education form the basis for equality for all people? And that raising awareness with regards to educational access and equity for girls around the globe is a prerequisite to taking action? If so, this action guide may be the right tool for you.

This Guide was first presented in workshops at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, 1995. It is intended to encourage teachers, administrators, local organizations, and parents to develop awareness and strategies for action in their own communities. It also has been successfully used in a variety of classroom settings.

The Guide offers short one page vignettes and case studies that depict the reality of girls’ lives in receiving an equitable education in different cultural settings around the world. The stories are followed by discussion questions and activities to explore ways in which the issues presented can be addressed locally. It also provides examples of how girls have taken control of their lives, and concrete examples of strategies strategies and situations which have improved their educational opportunities. Evaluation activities and action strategy worksheets are also presented to assist those who are determined to take steps, both big and small, toward creating a more equitable life for girls in their schools.

• Section One introduces issues of girls’ access to education.

• Section Two focuses on girls’ safely in school and, in particular, sexual harassment.

• Section Three looks at course content and curriculum.

• Section Four investigates gender equity in the whole school environment - teacher and staff attitudes, the classroom atmosphere and teaching methods.

• Section Five describes additional successful approaches in girls’ education, and provides exercises to help participants organize a program of action.

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