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Lessons from the Ancient Aryans
through the Early Modern Mughals

The unit ensures that the perspectives of women are included in the study of India's religious, aesthetic, intellectual, political and social traditions. Each section provides lessons and readings geared to a variety of ages and reading abilities.

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Introductory Overview
Map - Historic India

SECTION ONE: Hindu Goddesses
The Female in Hindu Religion - reading
The Furious Ganga Comes to Earth - background and story
Durga's Victory - background and story
Envisioning Power - art interpretation activity
Kali's Dance of Death - background and Kerala story
Lakshmi and the King's Dharma - background and Bengali story
Painting the Floor - art design activity
Discussion - questions and art activity

SECTION TWO: Two Epic Heroines: Draupadi & Sita
Draupadi Fights for her Honor - episode from the Mahabharata
The Story of Sita and Ram - episode from the Ramayana
No to Ram- Yes to Sita - magazine article
"I Will Never See that Heartless Ram Again" - folk song

SECTION THREE: Changing Codes and Customs:
      Women's Lives and Status
Changing Codes and Customs - reading
Gargi Vachaknavi's Challenge - story
"I am the Banner - I am the Head:" Rig Veda wedding hymns - reading
Was the Vedic Age a "Golden time" for women? - opposing views activity
The Laws of Manu - primary source activity
"Nature Made Two Divisions:" Women in Global Perspective - comparison activity

SECTION FOUR: Buddhist Nuns and Bhakti Saints:
      Voices of Liberation
Buddhist Nuns: "At Last Free" - reading
Women's Poems from the Therigatha - reading
Bhakti - An Alternative Life - reading
"Stray Rains Grow No Grain:" Finding Proverbs in Bhaki Poems - activity
Mirabai: "I Snapped My Fingers at the Consequences" - biography
Mirabai's Rebellious Poems - reading
Discussion - questions and research activity

SECTION FIVE: Rajput Warriors and Mughal Rulers
Rajput Women Warriors - reading
Rani Durgavati-Rajput Warrior - biographical story
Decisions Change Durgavati's Life - activity
Women of the Mughal Court -reading
Women's Space - The Zanana - activity
Sultana Razia-the only woman to sit on the throne of Delhi - biography
Nur Jahan - "Queen of the World" - biography
"Her Abilities Were Uncommon" - Nur Jahan As Seen Through Others' Eyes - activity
Mumtaz Mahal -The Empress Who Inspired the Taj Mahal - biography
Reading Indo-Islamic Art: A Fusion of Cultures - activity

Glossary of Terms

Resources Used in Unit

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