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The Needle And The Brush: Renaissance Florence

In the story, the servant Elena wants to become an artist and chaffs under the restrictions on women's work and her position in life. Her final acceptance of her own unique form of creativity helps answer the question - was there a renaissance for women? Activities bring attention to women's role as child bearers, their economic and scholarly contributions, and the expected behavior for both men and women.

Spiralbound, 36 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
ISBN 0-9625880-6-7
© 1990
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The Needle and the Brush Story - an original story which reveals ways women participated in the Renaissance. Inquiry questions and vocabulary integrated into the story. Included is an illustrated map of 15th century Florence.

Activities/Student Worksheets

Follow Up Worksheet - inquiry questions based on story.

Bearing Children - Gregorio Dati's dairy reveals women's crucial motherhood role.

Images of Women in Renaissance Art - uncovering women's work through art.

Women of the Pen and the Brush - writing short biographies based on the lives of four well-known women.

Rules for Good Conduct - advice books and letters reveal divergent and similar male/female rules of behavior.

Background Essay: Women in the Italian Renaissance

Selected Bibliography

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