Each with background essays, discussion questions,
and primary source, art and web link activities.

Teaching Women’s Rights
From Past to Present

Resources to explore women's rights in a wide range of viewpoints, cultures, and eras. Particular attention is drawn to the times when the denial of women's rights was challenged and how the definition of rights has been expanded.

Women’s Ways to Connect Across Cultural Borders
Past and Present

Women’s life experiences have offered unique opportunities for intercultural exchanges both historically and today. This section contains essays noting some of the ways women have connected with each other across cultural boundaries. The activities use primary source material for historical analysis and demonstrate ways students can connect around common interests in the classroom and beyond.

Connecting Women to the Silk Roads

This section offers a variety of ways to incorporate female experiences into the historical narrative we call the Silk Road, a topic which is widely taught but which largely ignores ways in which women participated alongside men. Essays, Biographies, Lessons and Links.

Women of Courage
A Biography/Art Collaborative Activity

This section is the product of a collaboration between university history classes, a highschool art class, and the International Museum of Women (IMOW). It consists of sixteen biographies written by university students which include the student's personal reflection about the woman of courage assigned to them, quotations from her life, a bibliography and a timeline. The portraits were created by high school art students based on their reading of the biographies. A lesson page provides procedures for duplicating the activity in the classroom.

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