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The Women’s Atlas: Revised and Updated Edition

by Joni Seager

Geographer Joni Seager has done it again - produced an up-to-date and revised atlas on how women are living today across continents and cultures. We highly recommended her first edition, and this new book is also a real treat for teachers seeking visual ways to alert students to various issues impacting the world’s women. The colorful maps, illustrations and charts can be used alone, depending on the subject matter being discussed. Most use a starting point of 2000, ending at 2018 to tract gendered issues of equality, literacy, technology, work, domestic violence, sexual assaults, rights, government and power, motherhood, on and on. The emphasis on women’s health and the impact of environment and climate change on women is welcome. Positive change is not neglected as are subjects that might be of special interest to teens, such as the business of beauty and women in sports. All and all, a highly valuable resource for student and teacher study.

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