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Envisioning Women in World History
Volume 1 & Volume 2

These two small paperbacks give affordable and accessible ways for students to access general information about women in various periods. Some questions for student analysis are included in both.

In order to accommodate the typical World History course outline, the books are divided by a rough chronology. Vol. 1, provides a comparative historical analysis of patriarchal structures, and then explores women’s experiences in several of the most representative pre-modern civilization. It starts with women in Eurasia before 1000 BCE, covers women in the ancient Mediterranean, the Gupta Empire and Southeast Asia, Tang and Song China, pre-Islamic Arabia to the Abbasid Caliphate, and ends with Western Europe in the central and late Middle Ages.

Vol. 2 , from 1500 to the present, is organized from thematic perspectives, providing comparative case studies within each theme. Examples are: "The Atlantic World, 492-1750," "Ideological Transformation in Eurasia, 1500-1750,"and "Cold War, Neo-colonialisms and Second-Wave Feminism 1945-Present."

The primary source readings found in the two volume series, "Sharing the World Stage: Biography and Gender in World History"would be excellent supplements to these somewhat dry narratives.

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