Women's History
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Women's History in Global Perspective
Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Bonnie G. Smith, editor, University of Illinois Press, ©2004-5

These essays, written by some of the pioneering figures in women’s history, provide a wealth of accessible background information. Most useful as individual essays for students and teachers; seek out the volume that provides historical issues and topics most relevant to your needs. All give chronological historical overviews, and discuss changing perspectives in the research on women in the era of their expertise.

Volume One: Broad themes including: Theory and Practice of Women’s History. Family History in Global Perspective. Women and Gender in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Gender and Work. Race and Ethnicity. Gender and Nation. Worlds of Feminism.

Volume Two: Women in Ancient Civilizations. Women in China, Japan and Korea. Women and Gender in South and Southeast Asia. Medieval women. Women and Gender in Colonial Latin America. Women in the U.S. to 1865.

Volume Three: Sub-Saharan Africa. The Middle East. Early and Modern Europe. Russian and the Soviet Union. Latin America. North America after 1865.

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