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Women Warriors
Adventures from History’s Greatest Female Fighters

Tenna Apeles, Seal Press, ©2003

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This is yet another book honoring women who have “fought for freedom and honor throughout history.” Its bright layout, lively format, and simple text makes it a fun paperback for young audiences - note the one page called “Vital Statistics” for each biography, the use of a glossary of terms, maps, and connections between historical and contemporary notions of women warriors in today’s culture. Regarding the latter, the author unfortunately has included a film creation, “Buffy the Vampire slayer,” sports figures, which she calls “warriors on the playing field,” and some recent political women who get mentioned not because they are warriors but because they “stood their ground.” And sometimes the line between the description of mythological Amazons and the recent archeological findings of prehistoric female warriors gets blurred. That said, this is a playful paperback that will appeal to young women looking for information about a few of the brave women who “have been too often lost in the male-dominated annals of military history.”

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