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The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World: Revised and Updated
by Joni Seager, Penguin Books, New York, 2003.  

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Hooray for Joni Seager - yet another update in her Women's Atlas of the World series! The colorful maps and fascinating bits of information are all there (see our review of the earlier version), but updated to include the most recent statistics. Added is a special page on the impact of the HIV/AIDS scourge on women and the specific burdens women bear in regions of the world are that in extreme crisis (2002 = latest figures). In the back find global tables and a topic list of Seager's sources. This inexpensive book remains one of the most engaging ways we know to let students learn about the global concerns of women (some successes, some declines in the quality of their lives), and then engage in comparison activities.

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