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Women in World History: Readings from History
Volulmes I and II
Sarah Shaver Hughes and Brady Hughes, M.E. Sharpe, New York, 1995

This reader is a must for students who need truly global narratives about key issues in womens history. The readings are short and come from both secondary readings and primary sources, all prefaced with background information. The book provides readings about prehistoric women and women in ancient Egypt, India, and Israel. It includes material on classical Greece, Han dynasty China, the late Roman Republic, Christian women in western Europe, Islam in the Middle East, conventions relating to women in China and Japan, descriptions of 14th century West Africa, trading women in Southeast Asia, and Aztec, Inca and Iroquois women in the Americas. Of great use is the introductory essay highlighting the value of gender in historical analysis, differences among women, ways to find women's achievements, and themes that cross boundaries of culture and time.

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