Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

Early 20th Century - United States


The Bohemian Murders

by Dianne Day

Day has created a spirited character in Fremont Jones, a San Franciscan based female sleuth who has opened a typing business to make money. This is the third book in Day’s series of six featuring Fremont. The last, “Beacon Street Mourning” brings her heroine back to her Boston birth place.

Day’s series gives us lovely descriptions of the San Francisco area scenery and its colorful types. Major Californian personalities appear, including some forward thinking females who, like Fremont, have made the decision to go West to create new lives for themselves. In this book, Fremont is forced to leave San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. Following the love of her life, Michael Archer, she settles as care taker of a lighthouse near Carmel. When a female body washes up on the beach below, Fremont is determine to discover the woman’s identity. Her search for clues leads her to the secretive and eccentric Carmel bohemian community, where her own life becomes endangered as well.



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