Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

Colonial New England


Mischief in the Snow

by Margaret Miles

In Boston, the colonists are in full cry against the British imposition of the Stamp Act. In the seemingly peaceful village of Bracebridge, a brutal murder is committed during the village’s annual ice-cutting party. Could the two events be related? In this story author Margaret Miles cleverly intertwines pre-revolution cultural and political concerns with a mystery surrounding the few remaining members of a wealthy village family. Her protagonist is inquisitive and intelligent Charlotte Willett, who, with her close friend and admirer Richard Longfellow, seeks to find the cause of the murder. This slow paced, wonderfully written story is enhanced by vivid descriptions of daily life, close attention to 18th century speech patterns and beliefs, and references to historical figures such as John Adams and Horace Walpole. It is the fourth in a series of Charlotte Willett mysteries set in colonial New England.



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