Women Sleuths in
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Ancient Rome-Britannia, 91 A.D.


Get Out Or Die

by Jane Finnis

The title refers to ominous threats left on the bodies of some murdered Romans in Britain in the year 91 A.D. The Romans are still tenuous settlers in this northern outpost of their empire. Only decades after Boadicea’s failed Iceni uprising against them, and with increasing organized attacks lead by a mysterious leader called the Shadow of Death, the future of the settlers and Pompeii born innkeeper Aurelia Marcella begins to look bleak. She is, however, determined to stay in Britannia, and resolves to uncover the source of the disturbances. A sprinkling of romance and Roman double dealing adds to this action filled, fast paced story which takes place in this little explored historic period. It is difficult, however, to always feel one is reading about a region considered a “rough frontier. ” It might have helped if instead of using modern British phraseology and expressions, the author had drawn upon letters written by British Romans to create dialogue more suitable to the period.



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