Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

Venice, 19th & Late 15th Century


Death in the Floating City

by Tasha Alexander

In number seven of the Lady Emily series, our hero and her gorgeous husband Colin, royal sleuth for Queen Victoria, set off for Venice in response to a plea for help. Emma, a childhood friend, finds herself in a delicate situation. Her father-in-law has been murdered in his 14th century palazzo, and her husband, Count Barrozi, has disappeared!

The story contains two historical periods. Primary is the Venice of the late nineteenth century. Secondary is the 1489 story of the young woman whose ring is found with the murder victim. This clue underpins much of Lady Emily’s research which, in turn, has her relying on the historic important of the Libro d’Oro, the Renaissance era’s listing of influential aristocratic names needed for entree into the republic’s government. Emily’s interactions with Venetians, while needed for the plot, ring less true than her dogged research needed to help solve this crime. Such focus and energy is only what one of course could expect from the magnificent Lady Emily.

In both periods, the control of high status women and enforcement of their proper place underline the story’s action.



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