Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

England - 1780


Instruments of Darkness

by Imogen Robertson

Robertson has created an odd crime solving pair. One is Harriet Westerman, waiting at her comfortable Sussex County home for her naval captain husband who plies the seas for his Majesty’s government. The other is Gabriel Crowther, a reclusive anatomist whose skills Harriet seeks out to help her find justice for a man killed on her estate. Both eventually come up against crimes, present and in the past, committed at Thornleigh Hall, seat of the Earl of Sussex.

British class structure is still in place, although clashes between the raising middle class and old mostly landed aristocracy appear. And there is Harriet who defies the normal expectations of the life of a society woman as she seeks the truth, even in the face of threats to herself and her children.

The bulk of the story takes pace in 1780. But there are interesting flashbacks to events that took place in 1776 Boston during England’s war against the “rebels.”

This is number one in the Crowther and Westerman series. Robertson writes for “The History Girls,” a group of best-selling, award-winning writers of historical fiction who post bits of history of interest to their readers.



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