Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

Vancourver Canada - 1899


The Silk Train Murder
A Mystery of the Klondike

by Sharon Rowse

This is the first in a proposed series featuring John Lansdowne Granville, a British born aristocrat, and Emily Turner, a young woman from a well placed Vancouver business family. Granville carries the plot, but Emily’s problem solving role is significant enough, and she seems destined for greater involvement in promised sequels.

After his arrival in Vancouver, Granville finds himself involved in a search to save his Klondike gold rush partner from an unwarranted arrest for murder. He quickly runs into the power of various members of the criminal class, all who seem engaged in nefarious ways to undercut him as well as each other.

Emily enters the story as a young woman who seeks to break out of her Victorian era social confines. Bored, and aware that times are changing, she yearns to find a way to live a more liberating life. After a serendipitous encounter with the intriguing John Granville, she compromises the protection of her social status by secretly meeting with him and wandering into a side of Vancouver completely alien and unsafe to her.

The book brings attention to the millions made on raw silk which arrived on sleek steamliners from Asia, where it was loaded on the CPR’s fastest trains and raced to the silk mills of Montreal, New York and New Jersey. Highlighted as well are descriptions of the two sides of Vancouver, one rapidly modernizing with its popular Opera House and electricity lit upper class homes; the other, home to the bawdy establishments of the Dupont Street prostitutes, Chinatown’s legal opium dens, and the tunnels used by the flourishing smuggling rings.

The book includes Sharon Rowse’s website address which directs readers to the historical references she used for her book.



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