Women Sleuths in
Historical Mysteries

Oklahoma, 1912


The Old Buzzard Had It Coming

by Donis Casey

Alafair Tucker is an energetic rural mother of nine with a loving husband. In spite of her busy family-centered life, when necessary she applies her insights into the moods, gestures and glances of others, as well as a skillful gathering of town gossip, to investigate crimes. When the drunken, abusive man in the neighboring farm is found murdered, Alafair fears that his son and her seventeen year old daughter may have been involved. Convinced of their innocence, she is determined to find out “who really done it.” The old buzzard, after all, had dozens of folks who would welcome the opportunity to do him in.

Alafair’s investigations are carried out around the physical work demanded by the large family farm. In fascinating detail, author Casey describes Alafair’s daily chores, from the way clothes were washed each Monday to the preparation of food for the heavy mid-day meal, Still, the family has come a long way from living in the “soddie”- the original dwelling thrown up when they first bought the land - to being able to enjoy the amenities of the nearby town, rapidly built on Creek Nation land after it was privatized. They now can educate their children in town. allowing the daughters to pursue well-paying jobs in business as an option to farm life.

The author’s solid familiarity of place and Oklahoman speech patterns enriches this warm story. Recipes of food used in the story with historical information about their preparation are provided.

This is the first in the Alafair Tucker series.



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