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1943 New York, United States


This Dame for Hire

by Sandra Scoppettone

The head of a detective agency has gone to war leaving his secretary, Faye Quick, in charge. Faye is an uncertain but fast learner, managing to keep afloat with the small cases that come her way. Her big chance to prove her merit arrives when she stumbles over the body of a dead girl and the family hires her to uncover the killer. Drawing upon her interesting network of friends and allies, and a new love interest in the form of handsome NYC detective John Lake, Faye powers her way through obstacles and diversions to finally solve the case.

American battles in the Pacific and Europe in 1943 are referred to, but the main thrust of the book is homefront life in New York City. You’ll read of leg makeup taking the place of silk stocking, of food rationing, of “gals” taking “guys” jobs and volunteering to dance with soldiers at the USO, of gold stars in windows of families who have a soldier killed at war, and then the seemingly unbelievable reports about Jews in Europe being taken and gassed. The authors use of the city’s 1940s slangy expressions is right on, as are her descriptions of night time hot spots and neighborhoods, particularly Faye’s special turf, bohemian Greenwich Village.

First of two Faye Quick books.



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