Women Sleuths in
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Ancient Egypt


A Place of Darkness

A Mystery of Ancient Egypt
by Lauren Haney

Haney’s police detective, Bak, is male, but he lives during the time of 18th century B.C.E. Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut, and his investigations reveal fascinating details about life during her reign. In this case, Bak is at the building site of the queen’s partially completed new memorial temple of Djeser Djeseru (Deir-el-Bahri) where a series of fatal accidents and whispers of a malign spirit are plaguing the construction effort. The author includes a descriptive list of some of the personalities and Egyptian gods and goddesses of the period, and a plan of the current excavated Hatshepsut temple.


Our curriculum unit The Bird of Destiny is set in the historical period of Queen Hatshepsut.


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