The Ideal American...... Who is...?




 •  raise awareness of effect on newcomers of an accepted national identity that seems to exclude them.

 •  raise awareness of effect of having accepted national identity on dominant group.

 •  use critical thinking to consider what a common national identity might be.

 •  define national identity in ways that can be more inclusive.

 1)  Small Group Work:

In small groups students come up with a list of characteristics that describe the “Ideal.........”
 (use your own country here).

Or, use idea “What makes a .....?”
 (use own country here)

Use these categories:

 •  physical traits of .....

 •  cultural traits of.....

 •  beliefs of..... (political, religious, values, other?)

 2)  Discuss:

 •  groups describe their “ideal.” Did they find that there is such as thing as an “ideal”.......?

 •  might there be some harmful effects on those who do not fit the “ideal” national identity? (on the sense of identity among groups identified as “the other?”)

 •  on those who think they represent the “ideal” .....?

 •  what traits (values, beliefs, so forth) do you think your country should promote?

 •  are there ways to define our national identity that ensures the inclusion of everyone in our country? (what traits, beliefs, values, and so forth, are most important to us?)

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