Ethnic Mirrors by Eliane Cristina Testa

Art Analysis



 •  illustrate how ethnicity and gender is reflected in the images we see

 •  promote the value of ethnic diversity in one’s country

 1)  Class studies painting, “Ethnic Mirrors” by Eliane Cristina Testa.
      Artist’s comments are read aloud.
 2)  Class discussion. (suggested questions):

 •  Notice that artist is Brazilian. What do you know about Brazilian people - ethnically diverse, or not?

 •  What cultures are represented here?

 •  Do any faces here reflect those found in your community?

 •  What might the artist mean when she says women have a collective soul? True, or not?

 •  Why do you think the artist called her faces an “ethnic mirror?”

 •  How do you think people react when they see a lot of people from a group different than their own? Does this elicit a positive or negative response?

 •  If negative, what do you think it would take for people to embrace social diversity as something positive?

 3)  Art Activity: Create a collage that expresses diverse faces from your own community. (include economic differences, age differences, and so forth). Symbolic representations of illustrating different ethnic groups might be done instead of portraits.

“I feel that my art reflects the collective soul of women, despite the particularities and differences in the faces. Here women are reflected in Ethnic Mirrors without focus on color, beliefs, or barriers. This is a “Universal Mirror” and in it all women appears equal, side by side.”
- Eliane Christina Testa, Brazil

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