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Reviews of
Women's History Curriculum

These books and units provide women's history content plus lessons on ways to work with it. Most have been designed for use as supplements to commonly taught World History topics.

Media such as CDs, videos, posters, or content only books are NOT reviewed here. Nor are materials to teach the history of women in the United States.

Some of the material may be hard to find. We suggest either contacting the publisher directly or using the abebooks.com webite to locate a used copy to purchase.

For a description of our World History curriculum units  click here.

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For our recommended list of World History books  clink here.

Overview of our Findings for World History Materials

In general, little of the exciting new scholarship about women history in a global context has found its way into classroom usable materials. Lessons about women in non-western regions are particularly hard to find. Biographies, internet sites, videos, CDs, and literature anthologies are available in growing numbers, but few offer lessons or discussion questions which will help to constructively use the information in a classroom setting. Most materials also still rely on biographic information about the well known "great women," or on topics that can be found in texts written in earlier decades, such as women's status in ancient Greece, Egypt, or medieval Europe. There are, however, more good primary source materials which highlight the female perspective, and more units about "daily life" which often include substantive content about women.

List for Middle School Level

In Search of Our Past: Units in Women's History, World History Guide
Women and War: World War I and II
Women and Politics: England from early 19th century to 1980s
Queens of Egypt: Calliope, World History For Young People
The Medieval Baker's Daughter: A Bilingual Adventure in Medieval Life
Chinese Women in History and Legend
The Spindle Whorl: A Northwest Coast Indian Art Activity Book
Shaping a Better World: A Teaching Guide on Global Issues/Gender Issues
The Plough, the Sword, and the Cross: A Social Skills Approach to Medieval Europe

List for High School/Junior High Level

K-12 Level

Teaching Women’s History through Literature

Other Curriculum

Is there any curriculum you have used and like? Please let us know! Feel free to include lessons associated with videos, literature, general reference books, posters, museum exhibits, or supplementals that include a substantive section on women. Keep in mind that this site focuses on information about women's history beyond the borders of the United States.

Lyn Reese is the author of all the information on this website
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Women in World History Curriculum