Teaching Women’s World History
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Our Question: What’s happened to the teaching of women in World History? Is it STILL too difficult to ensure the inclusion of women’s perspectives into commonly taught World History topics?

Our response: NO! Yet, too often crucial information about women is slighted in the typical World History curriculum requirements. Although educators are urged to teach a history which challenges students to “walk in the shoes of another, “ they are denied that walk with the female half of humanity when information about women’s contributions and life experiences are lacking.

More Questions: With regard to content, can you really teach the concept of hierarchy without including gender in the description? Is it possible to teach events or an era without noting it as one that provided a springboard for women’s rights, such as the Enlightenment, or teach liberation struggles without mention of the vital ways women participated? Can you learn about trade union activism, or wartime experiences, without an acknowledgement of women’s participation? And, can you evaluate ways in which women have had common experiences, despite differences of place, time, class, and race, and ways they have not?

Our Solution: The use of the resources provided in our lists of web sites is one way to help ensure that women’s experiences become an integral part of commonly taught World History topics.

Note: The topics listed do not reflect the totality of content taught in World History classes, and the sites listed reflect only a SMALL number of the resources available on the web.

Topic #1:  Ancient/Classical World

Topic #2:  Early Christianity

Topic #3:  Early Islam

Topic #4:  Medieval Period

Topic #5:  The Enlightenment

Topic #6:  Early Industrial Revolutions

Topic #7:  Revolutions

Topic #8:  Anti-Colonial and Civil Disobedience Campaigns

Topic #9:  World Wars I & II

Topic #10:  Peace

Topic #11:  International Movements

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