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Topic #10: Peace


The linking of peace with women’s human rights is not a new concept. Since the late 19th century, women activists connected the need for an organized peace keeping system with the protection of women’s civil rights.

1)  Peace as an Early Women’s Issue  Essay with primary source illustrations.

2)  Women’s Ways of Peace: Samples from History  Lesson using examples of women’s action through songs, art, demonstrations and quotes.

3)  Bertha von Suttner:  Bertha von Suttner in 1905 became the first female recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1889 her book, “Lay Down Your Arms,” detailed the effects of war and problems of extreme nationalism.

4)  Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (1915 - )  Historical background of this seminal organization.

5)  Peace X Peace  Platform for women around the world to share their experiences, actions and insights.

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