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Topic #9: World Wars I & II


Women's involvement in military conflicts occurred throughout history. These links focus only on information from World War I and II.

1)  World War I & II  Mostly World War I photos and posters.

World War I

2)  Women and WWI - Women in the Workforce: Temporary Men  Short essay on the effects of new employment for women in Britain.

3)  Women in World War One  Short bios of courageous acts by women in diverse parts of the world during the war.

4)  WWI: Thirty Thousand Women Were There  Information on the military roles of American Women.

5)  Australian Women in World War I  Investigation lesson using documents highlighting experiences of Australian women.

6)  Women on the Home Front in World War One. British view  Essay asks question: “What was the impact of the war on women?”

World War II

7)  Women Fight Fascism. Europe, 1930s-40s  Essay with follow up questions.

8)  Night witches: Russian women pilots the Nazis feared  Photos and background with personal accounts.

9)  Dolores Iburria. 1895 - 1989)  Brief biography and speech by this symbol of the popular fight against Fascism in Spanish Civil War.

10)  American Women in World War II  Photos, posters and maps of women in military and work at home. Links to “Rosie the Riveter” and other relevant sites.

11)  America on the Homefront:   Selected World War II Records of Federal Agencies in New England. Documents include effects of Rationing & Controlling Prices and women and work in defense industries.

12)  Female Spies  Short biographies of mainly French women in underground efforts.

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