Teaching Women’s World History
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Topic #8: Anti-Colonial and
Civil Disobedience Campaigns


Some examples of the ways women participated in major resistance events from India, South Africa, Egypt and Argentina. Link to information from the 2012 “Arab Spring.”

1)  Women in the Indian Independence Movement  Women’s participation in the salt protests of 1930. Role of Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu. Letters, commentary, images, classroom exercises.

2)  YouTube footage of Sarojini Naidu unfurling the independence flag.

3)  1919: Egyptian Feminist Leads Liberation March  Huda Shaarawi led a women’s demonstration against the British protectorate in 1919. Excerpt from her biography.

4)  Women's Anti-Pass Law Campaigns in South Africa  Essay on 1913 and beyond attempt to have Black, Colored and Indian women carry government passbooks. Famous 1956 march on the Union Buildings, Pretoria.

5)  Profile of Lilian Masediba Ngoyi  A major voice in the movement and anti-apartheid activist.

6)  Chile and Argentina: Madre = Resistencia  Curriculum about actions of mothers of the disappeared against 1970s military rules. Uses woven arpilleras, photos and first person accounts.

7)  Women: The Libyan Rebellion's Secret Weapon  Smithsonian Magazine article. Photos and interviews of women’s roles in the “Arab Spring” revolutions.

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