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Topic # 4: Medieval Period


Strategies to explore women's lives over this vast time period include: 1) focusing on biographies of a few of the famous, although atypical, personalities, and 2) analyzing images and/or primary sources.

1)  What did Medieval women do?   Short descriptions of types of work women engaged in. Includes list of illustrations with ways women participated in medieval life.

2)  Images of Medieval Women  A plethora of art to chose, with text accompanying each image.

3)  Epistolæ: Medieval Women's Latin Letters  A collection of letters to and from women from the 4th to the 13th century. Some description of the subject matter or historic context of the letter.

4)  Eleanor of Aquitaine  Short Biography.

5)  Power of a Woman: Eleanor of Aquitaine  Timeline of events in her life.

6)  Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine: An Attempt to Chastise Her  Letter to Eleanor from Peter of Blois.

7)  St. Joan of Arc Biography  Short summaries of her life, death, her use in films, etc.

8)  Joan of Arc - Saint, Witch or Warrior  The Historical Association’s excellent teaching resources for engaging students in analysis and debates.

9)  Famous Quotes by and about Saint Joan of Arc  Students might take turns reading these aloud to help bring her to life.

10)  1431 Trial of Joan of Arc  Lengthy verbatim report of proceedings from Orleans MS. Use for a gender analysis of her trial.

11)  The Life and Triumphs of Christine de Pizan  Biography and sampling of the work of Europe’s early successful female writer.

12)  The City of Ladies: Christine De Pizan and the beginning of “feminism.”   Essay with links asks the question, “Was Christine de Pizan really a 15th-century feminist? Read The City of Ladies, written in the late 1300s and published in 1405, and decide for yourself.”

13)  Christine de Pizan (1364-c.1430) Webpage  Illustration from book, short biography, brief chronology.

14)  Women in Heian and Feudal Japan  Essay to help compare Feudal Japan and Europe.

15)  Women Warriors of Japan  Long essay on the role of the arms-bearing Women in Japanese history from early to modern times.

16)  Tomoe Gozen: The Female Samurai  Exhibition Catalog, Morris County Historical Society. Short biography and colorful painting.

17)  First Woman Samurai - Tomoe Gozen  Four minute YouTube using numerous images. Great for visual learners.

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