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At the Forum in Rome, thinking about Hortensia’s speech before the Roman Tribunal in 42 B.C.E. Speech found in Nothing Lasts Forever: Roman Pompeii and in I Will Not Bow My Head: Documenting Political Women in World History.

Visiting a middle school during conference of the European Association of History Educators (EUROCLIO) held in Slovenia, April, 2007. Lyn’s workshop on women’s human rights led to the unit: Women’s Rights from Past to Present: Primary Source Lessons.

Lyn Reese (Carolyn Johnson Reese), the author of all information on this Website, has a BA in history from Mount Holyoke College and masters in history from Stanford University. At the University of California, Berkeley, she completed a year of course work in social studies methodology.

In the 1970's, with great excitement Lyn delved into the new and growing body of scholarship on women's history. She first served as a resource teacher in the Berkeley schools' new Women's Studies program, moving on to become a writer and then principal director for several federal Women's Educational Equity grants. These resulted in the publications: "Sources of Strength: Women and Culture" (a high school unit), "In Search of Our Past: Six Units in Women's History" (for the middle schools), and "Women in the World: An Annotated Bibliography of Women's World History" (general grades). With two other writers, she produced an anthology of cross-cultural and historic writings called "I'm On My Way Running: Women Speak on Coming of Age, " (published by Avon Press in 1985).

Lyn has given women's history, geography and literature workshops for teachers throughout the US, Europe, China and Africa. She continues this work as well as serving as consultant for textbook publishers, and as contributor for such projects as the "Women of Hope - International" poster set, the Wellesley Center of Research on Women curriculum, "Together We Can: Lessons from Beijing," the student book of biographies called "Herstory: Women Who Change History," and various CD ROMs and videos which incorporate the experiences of women. Currently she is consulting for the International Museum of Women.

In creating her growing body of women's history units, Lyn not only uses the resources of the UC Berkeley libraries, but travels extensively to uncover lesser known information about women. "I've traveled in every country I've written about, but one," she says.

Lyn also says: "I'm most thrilled when I hear from teachers about how my work, the history of half of humanity, is an inspiration for students. I love hearing the positive response of young women who tell their teachers, 'It's about time we got something about women in this class!'"

At the castle and walls in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, the divided island’s embattled past was made clear. Lyn’s workshop, held at the UN buffer zone in Nicosia during the 2009 EUROCLIO conference, is online: Women’s Ways to Connect Across Cultural Borders.

In Crete, Lyn found the Greek Archaic Period ruins of Gortyn and remains of the Great Code which contains equitable laws regarding women’s rights.
See excerpts from the Code in
Women’s Rights from Past to Present.

The wall of the women's quarter in Beijing's Imperial Palace (visited while attending the 4th World Women's Conference) aids in research for Eyes of the Empress.

Finding shadow puppets in an Istanbul bazaar helps the development of
Message for the Sultan.

The ancient agora (marketplace) below the Acropolis in Athens is featured in Fated to be Friends.

Information about the lives of African women (revealed during a women's conference in Kano, Nigeria) becomes part of A Gift for Queen Amina.

Exploring the ruins of Petra, Jordan, to uncover information for Women in the Ancient Near East.

Lighting incense at a Japanese temple becomes a source of inspiration for Samurai Sisters.

Cloth from a Guatemalan market provides material for Weaving the Heavens.

A museum in the Middle East gives background information for Women in the Muslim World.

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Lyn's son, Dr. Vail Reese: (Dermatology in the Cinema)

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