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Women of Courage:

A Biography/Art Collaborative Activity


The following material is the product of a collaboration between university history classes, a university and highschool art class, and International Museum of Women (IMOW). Its intent is to demonstrate a way classes can work together to forward student awareness of both historic and contemporary global women. It also provides a collaborative model for institutions such as museums and schools to work together to enhance student and general public awareness of the courageous contributions of our globes’ extraordinary women.

Participants were students from the following classes:
Dr. Sherry Keith, "Women of the World " class, San Francisco State University
Dr. Sarah Curtis, "Women in European History" class, San Francisco State University
Julia Marshall, art class, San Francisco State University
Hillary Younglove, high school art class, Sonoma Academy

IMOW thanks the students for their work, and the teachers for the time and effort they gave to the project.

The key parts of the activity consist of sixteen biographies written by the university students, quotations found by the students, and portraits primarily created by high school students. Each biography begins with the student's personal reflection about the woman of courage assigned to them. It also includes a bibliography and timeline. The portraits were created after the artists had read the biographies. The lesson page provides procedures for duplicating the activity in the classroom.

Please note: The sixteen women represented here are only a small number of the courageous women who have, and do, made significant contributions to our lives. In selecting the biographies from many excellent pieces provided by the students, IMOW choose those which represented regional diversity and diversity of topics and issues. It is to be understood that the biographies and art have been created by the students alone.

Women of Courage Project

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