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Student Biography Criteria Sheet

Biographical Essay 1200 words: Select either a contemporary or historical woman from region other than the United States to research and write about. When writing focus on one to three areas you want readers to have learned. Please consider the following:

  • Relating woman's life to key issue(s), actions, or themes associated with her life.
  • Early influences on her life, seminal event or events in life, her values or goals, major challenges, outcome, influence, or contributions of her life.
  • Historical background when appropriate, including information regarding status of women in her country.

Separate from the essay:

  • Select a quote which helps sum up woman's ideas - one sentence from the woman herself, or someone's comment that describes her.
  • Country data: Create a chronological timeline listing important dates, turning points, in subject's life. Try to include political, social, economic, or cultural events that influenced her. Approximately 300-400 words.
  • Personal reflection: Describe some things you have learned while doing this biography. Consider: What surprised you about this woman and the time in which she lived? Can her life be an inspiration for you or your peers! What did you learn about womens' lives in the time in which she lived? Approximately 100 words

Include brief Bibliography of most useful and accessible primary and secondary sources. (When listing, give one sentence annotation).

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