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This unique site is full of information and resources to help you learn about women’s history in a global context. Here teachers, students, parents, history buffs, and the interested public can find information on the following topics. (Permission is granted for the reproduction of information on this website by teachers for their classroom use only.)

  • Twenty-one Lessons aligned to commonly taught topics.

  • Four Thematic Units, each with background essays, discussion questions, and primary source, art and web link activities.

  • Biographies of women rulers, women who are considered heroes in their countries, influential women from selected eras, and women Nobel Peace Prize winners.

  • Thirteen historical background Essays on selected topics.

  • Teaching Women’s World History Through the Web

  • Reviews
     Video Documentaries - Initial Review of The Ascent of Women 
     Reviews of Curriculum created for world history classes.
     Book Reviews of reference, statistics, anthologies, and general history books.
     Historical Mysteries which feature females who solve crimes.
  • Q & A  providing answers to questions visitors have asked about Women’s History.

  • Information About Us - who the director is and why this project began.

  • Our Store describes our sixteen curriculum units for middle, secondary, and higher learning levels. Find description information, the table of contents, and at least one sample lesson for each. We only offer these curriculum units as downloadable PDF files. The PDF files are lower in price plus there are no shipping costs and immediate delivery once the purchase transaction is completed. PDF File Store

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